Care of your board

Congratulations! You own a new cutting board or charcuterie board. Hopefully it is from Good Dog Wood, but either way here is how to keep your board looking and working great for years:

If your new board has epoxy resin on it (plastic or glass like areas or coatings that are clear, tinted translucent, or colored opaque), then use it as a charcuterie board, or a serving tray if you will. If you use the resin areas as a cutting board, things will happen:

  1. You will damage your knife blade.

  2. You will scratch the finish.

  3. You may end up with tiny chips of the finish in your food, and no one wants that.

If scratched, glossy resin areas can not be easily repaired. Wooden and matte resin areas can be lightly sanded and finished with cutting board or butcher block wax, such as Good Dog Wood Wax.

Wash your board with a soft cloth and water, and mild soap if needed. Do not use abrasive soaps or scouring pads. Stand it on edge to dry.

This is important: Never leave a wet or damp board laying flat, it needs to have air circulate on all sides.

Do not wash your board in the dishwasher or submerge it for any length of time. Do not use in the oven or microwave. Avoid setting hot pots on the board, as they can burn the wood or melt the resin. Do not drop it on your toes. This board should not be left outside for extended periods of time. The sun (especially summer heat) can cause it to discolor, bubble, crack, and/or warp.

To keep your new board looking great, refresh it periodically with Good Dog Wood Wax or a food safe (cutting board or butcher block) oil or wax. Make sure the board is clean and dry. Apply the wax with a soft cloth, then wipe off any excess. Allow it to dry (about 1 day). Woof woof!

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